8bit Abend

mit hugo & zoe aus Tschechien

Sat - 06. Oct. 2012 - 23:00


Last Time 05:17
Fire 06:31
Hunters 04:59
Space Race 04:52
Go And See 04:53
Golem 06:19

Hugo & Zoe - beyond 8-bit lo-fi-folk (voice, gameboy, ukulele)

Hugo & Zoe is band from Czech Republic playing on seemingly
inconsistent instrument set, which gives the band unique genre sound. Gameboy gives the rhythmical and bass structures beyond the common sentimental 8-bit sound.
Ukulele gives playfulness to the sound which
is completed in the poetry of stories articulated in the female singer melodies.
The music is sometimes melancholic but also catchy in the
choruses and colourful as the harmonies are being freely appropriated from different styles such as latin, gipsy, klezmer, pop, etc.

“Bands like Hugo & Zoe have created something of a folk exploitation
craze, where improvisation is more evident in the social context than
in the music.” Felix Kubin

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